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Black Dragon

Life Really is an Adventure.

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3 October 1979
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Some call me... Melissa. Others various nicknames that I don't want to get into (just never call me Missy.) I'm a writer, obsessed with writing, which is what my journal is all about. Talking about writing, complaining about writing, plus the occasional fanfic - Stargate Atlantis for the most part since it's the only fandom I'll allow myself to be obsessed with. I'll even post artwork now and then.

I'm very multi-faceted when it comes to my original fiction. Fantasy and Sci-fi are my favorites, but I have thought up the occasional suspense. I'm a sucker for anything action/adventure, as well as the unusual with just a dash of the macabre or the far-fetched and wierd. I have chapters of an original story posted, but I implore you to ignore them. I began the story without really thinking it through, and have since re-plotted it with plans to one day have it published. Read them if you're curious, yet keep in mind that what you read isn't going to be what I'll publish. Far from it, in fact.

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