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05 December 2016 @ 01:40 pm
Well, I'm a dork. I totally forgot to announce that Magic's Perdition is now available for purchase, both paperback and for Kindle.

You can find it at Amazon.

You can also read excerpts from it at my author journal here (complete with artwork) and the Look Inside Feature at Amazon is active.

I have to say so far this book seems to be doing well in sales. I mean, not amazing or anything, but the fact that I've actually made a few sales for a book only just published is pretty dang good. Plus I've gotten two reviews thus far. With Toymaker it was months and months before I got any reviews.
28 November 2016 @ 09:45 pm
It was so nice to go back into the Harry Potter world. I think my only complaint was that I wished we got to know Newt a little more, otherwise it was a wonderful movie. I'm really hoping they do more if possible.
07 November 2016 @ 07:21 pm
So, there's a number of people out there voicing how they're getting tired of Marvel movies. Me? I say... I want moooooaaaarrr! Seriously, every Marvel movie I've seen has been nothing but a blast, even Civil War which also kind of depressed me. I also think Dr. Strange is my new Marvel favorite along with Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. The things he can do makes my fantasy-loving heart flutter with joy.
05 November 2016 @ 05:36 pm
I swear writing is, like, 10% actual writing, 10% getting it ready to be published and 80% doing what you can to advertise. The new book - previously titled All the Devils are Here, now titled Magic's Perdition - is about a week away from going live but can currently be pre-ordered on Kindle. You can read excerpts of it on my author journal, and there's even pictures. Journal is updated, websites are updated, Facebook is actually being utilized, passwords had to be changed because I forgot half of them...

Meanwhile all the art stuff I'd had planned today probably isn't going to happen. Except, maybe, some drawing if I don't get distracted by other things.

In other news, thanks to Windows updates the sound on my laptop doesn't wrok as well as it used to and I have no idea why. I hate updates so much. We also have a hawk that's been harrassing out chickens and doves, the little punk. We've also been getting an influx of squirrels due to all the bird seed and chicken feed. They're funny little guys.

Our weather has also been absolutely gorgeous, but instead of anjoying it I'm worried it's going to be another mild winter. As someone who hates the cold, a mild winter wouldn't be a big deal except it's mean a major increase in bugs, most especially flies, mosquitoes, and the kind of bugs that like to destroy garden vegetables, so we need a nice cold snap to do some population control on the insects. Still, I have been enjoying the ability to open my window.

(And I do think we're at least starting to head toward cooler weather, since it seems we're going more and more into the sixties. So I'm hoping that we will have a real winter, it'll just be a little later than usual).
18 October 2016 @ 12:13 am
I just finished watching The Secret of Kells on Netflix. It is an aboslutely gorgeous animated movie with a very interesting art style and a lovely (if a little sad) story. I highly, highly recommend this movie if you're into both fantasy and art.
03 October 2016 @ 08:26 pm
We need more Westerns. Also, despite having seen the original and knowing what was coming, I still didn't see any of that coming.
03 October 2016 @ 01:56 pm
Thank you everyone so muchf or the birthday greetings and well wishes :D My big plans for today include going to see Magnificent 7, which I'm really looking forward to. After which there will be dinner at Red Lobster and, hopefully, for my present I'll be getting a drawing tablet, which I'm really, really looking forward to. I'm going to go nuts designing book covers.

Finally, there is now the bonus of being able to go around and quote the following...

"I'm 37."


"I'm 37, I'm not old."

(Help, help, I'm being repressed!)
22 September 2016 @ 07:55 pm
Okay so I really have to question my search skills. Ever since I started making dolls I couldn't find squat in tutorials about making even stuffed animals, only to one day stumble onto a tutorial even though I wasn't actively looking for one.

The eople who make these kind of dolls are incredibly tight lipped about it. The reason being... well, I'm not sure about the reason. They say it's because of trade secrets and in order to keep themselves in business. Which, to me, doesn't make sense. For one, it isn't exactly going to cause in influx of doll makers and competition, since with these dolls it's more about sculpting and painting/decorating skills than it is about sewing, and people with poor sculpting and painting/decorating skills aren't going to sell much. For another, People in other mediums have no problem sharing their secrets on how to do things, even if those things are their livelihood. I mean, it's art, and art is always going to be diverse. Some make their dolls styalized, others realistic, others cartoony, and there's a market for each. The only real difference between these dolls is how people sculpt them, paint them, and decorate them. Other than that it all involves wire or stuffing, fake fur, and a lot of sewing.

To me it would be like someone who paints or draws saying "Sorry, no tutorials, trade secret."

Unless people are afraid someone is going to copy their doll style for style? I don't know, I just find it odd how hard it is to find anything on making stuffed animals and poseable dolls.

(Which had been a massive frustration for me where sewing was concerned. My sculpting has been improving but how I sewed the fur on hadn't improved, and I swear it was only getting worse. I finally found a video that offered a few tips on sewing and I'm going to try them out for my next doll. I don't know why giving people sewing tips is so dang hush hush ).
08 September 2016 @ 01:28 am
I just finished binge watching Stranger Things and if you haven't watched this show yet, watch it. I want more shows just like it.

This show also has the best portrayal of the 80s I've ever seen. There's even a character who wears the same style of glasses that both my sister's wore. And all the 80s music, so many songs I used to listen to as a kid and loved.
07 September 2016 @ 12:57 am
So after some discussion with some fellow indie writers over at SIA I actually managed to compile a longer list of title ideas for my upcoming story, and I wanted to get a little feedback.

Which title do you personally prefer for a story that's a fantasy/murder-mystery set during the 1940s?

Title Preference

Magic's Tribulation
An Arcane Tribulation
An Arcane Adversity
Tribulation of Magic